With the recent release of Opera Mini 5, browsers have been in the spot light lately. This browser hasn’t really been mentioned and that’s a shame because it is one of the best browsers for Android. It has a new way off zooming with one finger; in fact it can zoom in three different ways. And there are a few other goodies are included.

This is one of the best browsers I have used on Android. It has tabbed browsing; the tabs stay situated at the top of the application which make switching tabs a breeze. They are also labeled with the name of the page unlike the numbered tabbing in Opera mini 5. Where it shines is its ability to zoom in three different ways. There’s the traditional Android double-tap, pinch zoom and one fingered zooming. This apps comes in a paid and a free version and also includes a task and file browser. XScope has some benchmarks tests that show its speed, it is definitely faster than the stock browser.


FOR 1.5/1.6

FOR 2.0 and up


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