While you probably are satisfied to listen to your music or watch your movies on your mobile devices with your earphones or headphones, admit it, sometimes you still wish for something more. The good news is that OEMs are experimenting on bringing you better audio accessories that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Embrace Labs is one of those and they are about to bring to the market the XPUMP dongle which aims to amplify the sound you hear from your mobile devices to your headphones.

Using a Digital Sound Processor (DSP) to enhance the audio that comes out of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the XPUMP is a gum-stick size USB device that can be attached to your source device, whether it is music you want to listen to or videos that you want to watch. It was presented as a preview device at the IFA 2016 Global Press Conference but will officially make its debut and displayed at Computex happening this May in Taiwan.

In theory, it is connected to your device and then to the headphones and it processes the output sound to give you better quality sound. But in practice, we would have to wait till next month to actually see if it works. It will be launched as part of a crowdfunding project later this year so it will probably be some time before you will be able to get one.

Embrace Labs is no newbie in the market, having already products that use their sound processing technology (and licensing that sound technology as well) that brings out a surround-sound experience even from regular non surround-sound devices. Let’s see if XPUMP will meet consumers’ expectations when it comes out in the market soon.

VIA: SlashGear