Don’t you just wish sometimes that the photos and videos stored in your mobile device would just go and make a short film about themselves, without you having to lift many fingers? Well, if you own a Sony Xperia Z2 (or planning to buy one), then that option is now available with the New Movie Creator app, which will automatically create 30-second videos based on the media in your smartphone.

It works simply enough, just like Google+’s Auto Awesome Movie mode. The app will take a look at your photo and video timeline (only those stored in your Z2 of course) and then based on the dates on which they were taken, it will assemble a short film, complete with music and transitions. The time period varies; it can create photos from one day, three days or a week. Once it has finished making your 30-second masterpiece, it will notify you that it’s ready for viewing.

The New Movie Creator also gives you the chance to minimally edit the finished product. You can delete those unwanted photos that make you look fat, edit the music that seems out of place for the photos included and change the text included in the video. There’s no indication however that it will allow you to add photos that you want included. Once you’re satisfied that the short film is perfect as it is, you can then export the film to your device or share it with your friends on different social networks.

New Movie Creator can be downloaded OTA in a 9.9MB file through the Update Center. Just make sure that before you start using the app, you don’t have photos or videos that are NSFW or might be considered “damaging” and of course, carefully review the 30-second film before sending it out to the Internet, which never forgets.

SOURCE: Xperia