When OEMs boast of their devices’ water-proof capabilities, they are still very careful to set limitations on what sort of conditions they will be able to survive. For example, Sony said that while their Xperia Z2 is indeed water-resistant, it complies with iP58 so it can only stand up to 30 minutes under 1.5 mm of freshwater. Well, a Swede’s experience with his Z2 might surprise even the people over at Sony as it survived being under 10 meters deep for an amazing six weeks and lived to tell the tale.

Alexander Maxen from Gothenburg was water-skiing during his vacation. He left his Xperia Z2 on the seat of his water ski, but when he jumped into the water, it bounced and fell in. He did not even attempt to rescue his smartphone since the sea bed was around 10 meters deep below them. They did try to call the phone and were surprised that they were able to connect to it (we’d like to know also your carrier which apparently has signal below sea level).

After six weeks, another friend of his went scuba diving in the same area, and surprisingly was able to still find the phone (apparently sea animals don’t have an appetite for gadgets). To their shock, when they connected the phone to a charger, the LED indicator lit up and it eventually turned on and was still in full working condition. Of course it had some external damage already, like the back screen was shattered, but the important thing was it was still working after six weeks under the sea! And Maxen is not even going to have the phone’s back screen repaired, as a remembrance of its amazing journey.

Now of course, we only have the Swedish media to rely on whether or not the story is actually true and not a hoax. And of course we don’t encourage Xperia Z2 owners to start chucking their phones into the sea and coming back six weeks later. But if you’re one of those who worked on the phone’s design and water-resistant features, maybe you should give yourself a pat on the back.

VIA: Xperia