It seems like it has been a year since this phone was announced. We all wanted to get our hands on this beautiful piece of work and most of all, test out another custom UI dubbed Rachael. The folks over at BoyGeniusReport (BGR),  are making a strong statement that this phone will be coming to AT&T this April or May.

The price that is being tossed around in this rumor is $199 but it has the potential to be even lower. There is also speculations of an option to obtain it for free with a 2 year contract. I for one will take this as nothing more than a rumor but BGR does seem to have credible sources and most of their rumors turn out to be true. So if this does it will be a happy spring for all you AT&T customers.

P.S. Its aslo a rumor that the X10 Mini and Mini Pro will join the X10 around the same time frame.