In a letter to the public, Sony Ericsson Head of Product PR Mattias Holm noted that there had been an update on regarding a Gingerbread update to the Xperia X10. Unfortunately for all parties involved, Holm notes now that the information saying that Xperia X10’s update was available instantly was a bit premature. Instead, Holm notes that the update will take a few more days to roll out. On another note, there’s been a lot of impersonating of Sony Ericsson’s Rikard Skogberg happening in the past few weeks, Holm warning the public to only trust the one true Skogberg.

It seems that on the official Sony Ericsson forums, mister Skogberg had been impersonated on several accounts, feeding false information to the frequenters of said forum in an effort to lead them all astray. Holm asks that all users of the forums refrain from impersonating anyone and to follow all the rules lest he have to whoop somebody and end free dialog in said forum. Furthermore, Holm lets us know that all updates to newer versions of Sony Ericsson run software will come via official means, not in a comments field in a forum.

That said, how are you Xperia X10 users holding up? How many of you switched to something like a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY when the time was right? Anyone waiting for the Xperia NEO or Xperia ARC? We recommend hitting up the ol [Sony Ericsson portal] for all the Xperia information you need – official and leaked, of course. Furthermore, check out our Xperia-laden reviews section for some awesome games on the Xperia PLAY!

[via Sony Ericsson]