You’ve got to give Sony props for trying to do away with much of the emotional and psychological hurdles in switching to a new smartphone. It has now launched a new app called Xperia Transfer Mobile that will help users migrate their iPhone‘s data to their shiny new Sony Xperia device.

This isn’t actually Sony’s first attempt at a convenient service for migrating user data from one device to another. Just last October, it launched version 3.0 of its Xperia Transfer Service. While that service offers almost the same features as this new app, as well as supporting BlackBerry devices, the service required users to download the Sony PC Companion or the Sony Bridge for Mac.

Xperia Transfer Mobile does away with the middle man, in this case the PC or the Mac, and directly transfers the data between the two. Like the aformentioned service, it transfers data such as contacts, calendars, messages, bookmarks, photos, music, and videos. It can even suggest Android apps that will take the place of beloved iPhone apps, if possible. The mobile app also shares the service’s limitations in that it cannot transfer data that is synced with online services.

There are a few requirements to be met before using that app. The iPhone must be running iOS version 4.0 or higher while the receiving Sony Xperia smartphone must be on Android 4.3 at least. The app can actually also be used to migrate from an older Android smartphone from another manufacturer, but the older device must be running at least Android 4.0.

Download: Xperia Transfer Mobile on Google Play Store
VIA: Xperia Blog