From our limited time with Sony‘s new and impressive Xperia Tablet Z, we can say it is one sleek and thin tablet. They’ve managed to pack tons of hardware and a quality device into one svelte package, and now we’re getting a look at the inside. Why wait for a third party to do it, when you can yourself. Enjoy the teardown video below provided by Sony.

These teardown videos are slowly but surely becoming more popular with each device. Every big launch iFixit usually tears through the latest and greatest device we wish we had, only they don’t enjoy it. They make it into hundreds of tiny pieces for our viewing pleasure, then rate fix-ability.

Sony pops out a few screws and shows us the carbon fiber battery cover, all the internals that make it tick, and even goes over explaining a few of the important parts. They show us the super thin battery powering the slate, which is actually 3 slim batteries working together. Then move on to the camera and more. Here’s the video for you tech junkies.

Of course Sony does their teardown videos with style. Starting off by going over the specs of their beautifully crafted and lightweight tablet. Giving us all a little demo and spec details before they tear her open and reveal the insides. Then of course Sony mentions it will be available in May, and we’re all still waiting to get our hands on it for a full review. In the meantime check out our previous coverage and hands-on with the Z below.

[via Sony]