An anonymous tipster presenting an image to Dutch site All About Phones has revealed some of the display techniques that will more than likely be used to show off the XPERIA Play once its in stores such as Best Buy and T-Mobile. These chest-height boxes will hold anywhere from 1 to 3 devices in either portrait or landscape mode, held down tight or with a security cord so that consumers might test the PlayStation phone out in the comfort of their own special square.

You’ll notice there are several different configurations of the box, one with all three columns lowered, one with diagonally placed columns, and one looking like a three height Olympic platform. The tops of these boxes appear to also be able to be removed and placed on counters (next to obviously inferior phones.) On the sides of each panel are Sony Ericsson’s logo, the green pod, the words Smart Phone, Smart Gaming, and a man playing a game on the device with what seems to be a battleship of some sort behind him. Looks fun! I wonder how heavy they are? Maybe a good opportunity to yoink and bolt!

Click open the thumbnail in the gallery below for a much larger view of the situation – see if you can tell what’s on each screen of each phone.

[Via AllAboutPhones]