For owners of Sony Xperia devices that were released in 2011, back when they were still Sony Ericsson, looking at all the advances that the OEM has made these past three years can be a source of envy. But now you can finally join the world of the new Sony Android UI that we’ve all been enjoying. All it takes is to install the “Xperia Overlay” firmware that will transform your 2011 phone into a new one, of sorts.

This firmware was created by the Dev Team specifically to update the 2011 HDPI devices like the Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo V, Pro and Xperia Ray (in case anyone’s still using them to this day). They were able to create it by rewriting the Overlay source code and merging it with AOSP. They are letting the 2011 devices finally be upgraded to the current Xperia Z2’s Android KitKat 4.4.2 firmware.

In order for you, we’re assuming the still proud owner of any of the Sony devices mentioned above, to install the Xperia Ovelay to your devices, you need to have an unlocked bootloader. You also need to download the files from the XDA. While your phone is rebooting using the CWV Recovery, you install the firmware in order for your old gadget to be upgraded.

The phones can now run as fast as 1.6 GHz and can even run several apps at the same time, something that wasn’t all that common back in 2011. What’s more, you can also now play games on your device because it should now run faster. Battery life is also a big improvement brought about by the firmware, as it helps minimise battery drain by turning off the features that you don’t need when it detects that you’re not using it or are in hibernate mode. The over-all look of the phone’s software will of course change into the latest KitKat version.

SOURCE: XperiaOverlay