For those who are loyal to Sony Xperia devices, you probably have the Xperia Companion computer application installed on your desktop or laptop. And you probably would want to update it now as the new version ( has brought several improvements, including support for more Xperia devices, and a backup and restore function that will help you keep your data if you’re planning to upgrade to a newer smartphone. This is a pretty important feature to have especially for those who change their devices often.

The Xperia Companion was launched last month to help Sony device owners manage their smartphones. But the first release only allowed you to browse your phone from the computer program, install new software and clean reset your device if needed. And only the more recent models were supported, like the Z5 series, Z3+/Z4 Tablet and Z3 series. But with the latest update, all Sony Xperia devices all the way back to the J series are now supported.

You can also now back-up your entire device, including the data stored in your smartphone. And then if you have a new device, you can connect it to Xperia Companion and restore your most recent back-up to your new smartphone. Of course it should be an Xperia device as well. You can also now use the computer app to transfer songs from your hard drive onto your smartphone, which should make things easier if you still store music files locally.

You can now also toggle on and off whether your Xperia Companion app will be displayed in the notifications area when you start your computer. The update is now available to download or if you don’t have it yet, download the full utility here.

VIA: Xperia Blog


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