So Sony is still one of those companies who put out companion software for their smartphones, if ever you need to connect to your device to your PC to do some tweaks and phone management stuff. This new software – only installable for PCs – is called Xperia Companion, and is quite similar to the PC Companion software that it is replacing.

What does Xperia Companion do? Well, most of three things – first, you can browse your Xperia phone with it, although you can always do that even without the software. Secondly, you can course your phone software updates through this program, which is probably the most useful feature it has. Lastly, you can do a complete wipe and reset of your phone’s software, back to factory defaults.


As of the moment, the software is compatible with the more recent Sony devices, like the Xperia Z5 series, the Z3+/Z4 series, and the Z3 series. We imagine that the software will be made to be compatible with a lot of the other Xperia devices soon, if that’s Sony’s plan.

If you have a compatible Sony Xperia device, you can download the software and install it to your PC via the source link below. A lot more detailed descriptions are found at the source link to let you know exactly what this software is for.

VIA: Xperia Blog