It appears that we’ve now got not only the place (or one of the places, you never know,) where the Motorola XOOM tablet will be released, we’ve got the expected shipping time too! Before you get any further, check out all the most info on the XOOM, paying special close attention to the stories about the XOOM being a Carphone Warehouse exclusive in the UK, and the XOOM silver Euro Edition hands-on we picked up whilst in Barcelona this past week at Mobile World Congress.

On the Carphone Warehouse Motorola XOOM page for early registration and the like, they list “April 2011” as the possible release date for the Euro version of the tablet. We’re still hoping for the back panel with silver to be a global option, but we’re not holding our breath. Us lowly souls in the USA might just have to suffer with the all-black version. — thanks for the tip, Magid!