If you’ve always wanted to try out some Xiaomi products, but they don’t sell directly to your country, then you’ll be happy to know that they’ll be opening up a beta store to test out the waters. But you’ll only be happy if you live in France, Germany, the UK and the US, as these are the places where they will be trying out their Mi Store on May 19, but with limited stock availability only.

In fact, you won’t actually be able to buy Xiaomi smartphones or tablets from the Mi Store. They will only be selling headphones, power banks, and their brand new Mi Brand fitness tracker on the site in those four aforementioned countries. The shop will “open” on May 19, 1PM (CET) and it will only carry very limited stocks of the products.

Both the 5000mAh and the 10400mAh powerbanks will be available, as well as the Mi Headphones, and the recently launched Xiaomi MiBand which is a low-end fitness tracker that will cost around $13 when converted from the official price in China. To be able to purchase anything from the Mi Store, you’d have to sign up for a Mi account even before May 19.

You’d probably have to log on to the site as early as possible before it opens on the 19th (which is 7AM EST) if as the OEM says, there will only just be a few stocks available. Remember, you’d have to compete with users from 3 other countries, aside from your own, who are eager to check out what the fuss is about.

VIA: Android Central