Xiaomi is already huge in its local China and Asia but its ambition is to expand globally of course. As part of its expansion, they will be officially launching in Ireland through a partnership with local mobile network provider Three. They are also hoping that there are already “super fans” out there in Ireland that will want to become brand ambassadors as they attempt to take on European markets to try and compete with the big boys of Android that have already been there for some time.

The launch in Ireland is scheduled for November 1 at a yet undisclosed location in Dublin. It is open to the public but you will have to register to attend and tickets are on a first come, first serve basis. You can apply through the website of Xiaomi’s partner, Three and when you get approved, you are allowed to bring an extra guest with you. They have not yet revealed what devices will be launched but expect to see the recently announced Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 to be part of that.

They are also hoping that there are “super fans” out in Ireland that will want to work in the launch event. You get to be part of the Xiaomi experience zone and in exchange, you’ll get free goodies. They didn’t specify what those goodies are but they better be good enough because they’re basically getting these people to do customer service for free. If anyone reading this lives in Ireland and is a Xiaomi fan, email RSVP@three.ie and use the subject line “I’m a Mi Fan because…”. They will be choosing 8 fans for this “experience.”

They will also be launching the Mi Fan club in Ireland where members will get to attend exclusive events that will supposedly be held on a regular basis. These can be marathons, competitions, parties, etc. No venue yet has been announced for the Ireland launch but we’ll probably know in a couple of days since it’s on November 1 already.

In relation to this, they have also recently announced that they are opening a store in the UK by November 10. They also expanded to Spain late last year and have plans of opening in France and Italy.

VIA: XDA Developers