Xiaomi Redmi 64 MP smartphone camera

The mobile market has seen 32MP and 48MP cameras. Now it’s time to put the 64MP camera sensor to work. Samsung introduced the 64Mp ISOCELL Image Sensor a few months ago to allow higher-res cameras. However, the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will not have it yet. We mentioned an OPPO Realme will debut a 64MP phone soon but nothing has been made official yet. Xiaomi will be the first to implement the technology with the arrival of a new Redmi phone. This isn’t a public announcement yet but a teaser has been posted online.

The Redmi is Xiaomi’s own sub-brand of mid-range phones that have almost premium specs. Most of them can be considered as flagships. Xiaomi may be using Samsung’s 64MP camera sensor. We don’t doubt that. It’s only a matter of time before an official announcement is made.

The Galaxy Note 10 will not implement the 64MP sensor but the Redmi probably will. A Redmi phone has been teased to use the Tetracell binding technology. It’s a new tech that allows 16MP quality photos even in low light conditions.

With the 64MP camera sensor, the next Redmi phone will be able to capture super high-quality images, especially in good lighting environments. Full HD videos recorded at 480fps and enhanced autofocus can also be expected. Rumor has it even the Quad Bayer sensor will be used. This can enable real-time HDR on the yet-to-be-announced Redmi smartphone.

The image above shows a huge cat with yellow eyes. The vivid colors are obvious. The details of the fur are very refined as well so you know the 64MP sensor will be worth it.

If we’re expecting a Xiaomi Redmi phone, it could also be a Redmi Note or a Redmi Go phone. Or how about a new Redmi K phone? Let’s wait and see for further information.