Xiaomi MIUI Unlock bootloader

Fake news has already crept inside the mobile industry as there are rumors Xiaomi is ending bootloader unlocking. Well, describing a story as fake news sounds more accurate considering most stories start as rumors. That is why we always take things with a pinch of salt. As for the information that Xiaomi is putting an end to unlocking, it’s not true. Xiaomi said it’s fake news so don’t believe everything you read. The bootloader unlocking process may be complicated at times but there have been improvements.

Xiaomi phones are bestsellers these days and we know many people are happy with them. Xiaomi may no longer be the top Chinese OEM but the brand certainly knows the mobile business.

Bootloader unlocking is one factor why Android users want Xiaomi phones. The idea the company is ending such isn’t true that Xiaomi (MIUI team) had to make a public declaration that they are still providing Unlock Bootloader service.

We’re not sure were the fake news came from. It’s not true.

Xiaomi wants to refute the rumor because it can be bad for the business since a lot of devs depend on these budget to mid-range phones for their custom development endeavors.

Xiaomi’s bootloader unlocking system isn’t exactly perfect but it’s been helpful to the developer community. So take note, bootloader unlock codes are still available.

VIA: XDA Developers