Xiaomi-MIUI-12.5 MIUI Pure Mode

MIUI 12.5 Enhanced version has come to Mi 10 and Mi 11 series phones. That one arrived several months the MIUI 12.5 was introduced and promised to deliver a cleaner, quicker, and safer UI. Another update is ready and it brings a special feature that can protect mobile users from malicious apps. MIUI Pure Mode is part of MIUI 12.5. It’s not final and official yet as Xiaomi is still in the process of testing it. There are plenty of dangerous apps out there and Chinese OEMs wants to combat them as much as possible.

Improvements on MUIU are expected as Xiaomi plans on becoming number one. More enhancements are expected in the coming months but for now, there is the MIUI Pure Mode.

What the MIUI Pure Mode does is disable background app installs. It also disables APK sideloading. This moves means the device is safer from unwanted and potentially malicious apps.

MIUI Pure Mode is only an optional feature but we feel this will be widely used by many Xiaomi phone consumers. This step is also considered an extra protection because this means you can just install malicious apps. It won’t be easy for you if you are the type that quickly clicks on the ‘install’ button.

The ‘MIUI Pure Mode’ is still being tested in China. It can be enabled and disabled and Xiaomi made it that way. In contrast, Apple doesn’t let the users disable such a feature on iOS devices.