A video has been going around of a seemingly ordinary day in an office somewhere in India when suddenly a man’s smartphone catches on fire and almost seemingly explodes. The owner of the device actually uploaded CCTV footage of the incident and he wrote directly to the manufacturer of his device, Xiaomi or Mi Mobile, also showing his damaged Mi4i and demanding an “explanation and quick action” for why the smartphone almost caused injury and harm to the user and those around him.

The incident report is from Ajay Raj Negi, from Uttar Pradesh, India. The smartphone catching on fire happened last July 16 and to back up his claim, he accessed his office’s CCTV camera and then uploaded it to his Facebook account two days later on July 18. Since then, it has gone viral with more than 2 million views on Facebook itself. It has even been shared 3,300 times. He also included the original bill from when he bought it from Flipkart, as well as photos of the burned device, although it’s hard to determine if that is indeed the Mi4I since it’s totally burned.

Xiaomi has already responded to the post and to Negi himself. They’ve already contacted him directly and have offered a replacement unit, even as they’re investigating the matter. With the technology available and video editing at its “finest”, it can easily be a manufactured video, but it looks like their investigation revealed it’s the real deal.

What we can’t see from the footage though is whether the user was doing something on his device that would have caused the explosion. From the comments section, some people clearly thought so. But either way, just be careful when using your Mi4i, although there seems to be no recall forthcoming.

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SOURCE: Facebook

VIA: Times of India