There is no shortage of accessories for Android devices on the market today. There are hoards of places where you can buy things like headphones, ear buds, external batteries, and other products to make your smartphone more enjoyable. If you are in the US, UK, France, or Germany you will soon have a new online location where you can get accessories.

The Xiaomi Mi Store is set to open on June 1 at 7pm PDT in the US or June 2 at 1pm CEST in Europe. The online store offers direct sales of Mi branded accessories, and some of them look to be interesting and priced very competitively.

The web store is live right now, but all products are listed as out of stock. You can get a 10400 mAh Mi Power Bank external battery for $13.99. That battery includes a LG/Samsung li-ion cells inside and ships with the charging cable for microUSB devices.

A fancy set of Mi Headphones with retro looking black and gold style sells for $79.99. Those headphones have 50mm diaphragms and 32-ohm low impedance and are aimed at mobile use. The Mi Band is one of the least expensive activity trackers out there with a price of $14.99 in the US and can track activity and sleep with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. A smaller 5000 mAh battery is also available for $9.99.

SOURCE: Facebook


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