Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Xiaomi is set to rival both Samsung and Huawei when it comes to the foldable phone game. Samsung has the Galaxy Z Fold like while Huawei has the Mate series. The Chinese OEM has recently introduced the Mi Mix Fold which was actually a surprise as another first from Xiaomi although we’ve seen an earlier prototype. The Xiaomi foldable phone is under the Mi Mix line which started four years ago. We don’t doubt Xiaomi could come up with something great but we have to review it ourselves.

Before that happens, we’ll try to gather whatever we can about the Mi Mix Fold. Xiaomi has shared some interesting information over the weekend. The phone is said to have gone through an extensive bend test. No, it’s not another round of bend test by Zack Nelson (JerryRigEverything) but my the phone maker.

Xiaomi said the phone was tested over seven days of folding non-stop. The test was even live streamed in China. 400,000 is a lot of folds and that sounds impressive. This means the Mi Mix Fold has potential to hold up but let’s wait and see in normal real-life situations.

The Mi Mix Fold has passed over 400,000 bendings. That is a lot of “bends” but somehow proves the foldable phone is robust.

Looking at the number, the 400,000 is about ten years of phone usage. Of course, we’re not sure if the phone could last that long but it would nice to know it is built to last.