Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 DXOMark

Xiaomi is moving up the DxOMark mobile rankings. The newly announced Mi Mix 3 phone has just placed third on the list, tied with the HTC U12+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We’re impressed because a score of 103 is a big leap from the 97 of the Mi Mix 2S. Earlier, the Xiaomi Mi 8 also did great with a score of 99. There seems to be a trend for Xiaomi: the newer the flagship, the better the cameras.

For the Mi Mix 3, there are four cameras in total–two on the rear and a pair on the slider. The hidden selfie shooters are first to be implemented on the Mi Mix but we don’t think the phone will be the last to have such.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider phone offers excellent camera features. Autofocus is repeatable, accurate, and fast while white balance is ready with vivid and bright colors. It shows wide dynamic range in outdoor and indoor photos and flash performance is remarkable.

Bokeh shots in portrait mode are inconsistent though while there’s high level of noise in high-contrast situations. Indoor scenes may also show some color banding.

When it comes to videos, the Mi Mix 3 delivers good dynamic range, vivid and pleasant color, well-controlled noise, and smooth and accurate autofocus with good tracking. Some disadvantages are visible exposure steps during convergence, autofocus errors on scene changes, and some visible noise in low light.