The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition was launched back in May and quickly joined the big leagues in DxOMark. We thought the transparent back might be fake and discovered the circuit board is really fake. We’ve forgotten about this version for a while since the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro was unveiled with Fingerprint on Display feature. Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything finally tested the phone. The Durability Test is essential for us to know if and how a phone will survive normal everyday life.

The Mi 8 Exploreer Edition is attractive with the transparent case but we all know it isn’t real. By it we mean the circuit board you immediately see.

The standard scratch test reveals it has the normal hardness, scratching at level 6. Deeper groove is at level 7. This also means it can resist razor blades, coins, and keys.

The wire mesh grille holds the earpiece that is solidly attached. It won’t fall out with normal use. There is no physical button in front. The dual rear cameras are present with a normal lens and a pair of optical zoom lens.

The phone doesn’t flex as much so you know the phone will survive being in your back pocket.

Watch the full video here: