Xiaomi has just released a new head-mounted theater display that is expected to be a game-changer. It’s like another VR headset-like device but this one is mainly for an immersive theater experience. This device that costs 1299 yuan (around $188) can now be purchased this early by paying a deposit of anything from 100 to 400 yuan. By June 7, pay the balance that costs 999 yuan and receive the device from Xiaomi. The product equipped with the MIUI TV system can show up to 954-inches of projected images without any interruption via wireless connection and with support for playing from external sources.

The new Xiaomi device can last for hours of non-stop usage. There are two screens for the left and right eyes that are optimized by synchronous display technology. It reduces dizziness while efficiently showing the images. Even

The same MIUI TV used on Xiaomi TV is used. This means it can display up to 4K online video playback. The system works with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android so you can quicklly cast the display from a small screen to a bigger screen.

The Xiaomi Head-mounted Cinema Display boasts a 2GB of RAM, 16GB onboard storage, and support for different video formats up to 4K@60FPS local video. The device is made of soft and skin-friendly material for your comfort. The device is powered by a 3000mAh battery which is good enough for up to three hours of viewing.

The new Xiaomi product is now listed on Xiaomi Mall. The sub $200 price tag is attractive enough but we’re not sure if many people will dare try the Xiaomi Head Theater. There are people who get easily dizzy so this may not be the best product for them. It’s highly recommended you try it first but if you already know those VR headsets from the past give you nausea then this one isn’t for you.


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