Got one of Xiaomi‘s recent smartphones but tired of the heavily customized MIUI experience? If you’re not one to shy away from a bit of heavy lifting and from the potential risks of ROM flashing, then you might want to take a look at this new custom ROM that brings an almost vanilla Android experience to the Mi 3 and the Mi 4.

Xiaomi’s smartphones sell like pancakes, whatever the generation. To some extent, this is due to the lethal combination of decent to high-end (depending on your brand loyalties) specs and a price to die for. In its home market though, it might also be due to its custom Android interface, MIUI. But as Xiaomi slowly expands to other markets, it might be facing consumers who are not so fond of the iOS-looking skin. Those looking for a way out while still keeping the smartphones’ hardware benefits now have an option.

This ROM that doesn’t have memorable name brings the vanilla Android experience to the Mi 3, both WCDMA and CDMA models, as well as the more recent Mi 4. That said, like any custom ROM, it does add some features that try to make the Android experience a bit better (because a stock experience isn’t exactly perfect). For one, it adds a percentage indicator for the battery icon and data speed display. It also has double click to sleep, but not to wake up. It comes with superuser (root) enabled and is noted to have OTA upgrade support.

Of course, like any ROM, flashing carries it’s own risks, but the process is so common that it is already well documented. And for those who want to get away from MIUI but not from their phones, or for those who want to explore the world outside Xiaomi’s carefully crafted garden, this is one of the very few ways out.