When we talk about a flagship device, one metric that always helps in ascertaining the quality is its display. Samsung and Apple have had most of their devices on the top tier as far as the display tech is concerned according to DisplayMate, a display analyzing pro. Now Xiaomi has joined them with an A+ rating for the newly launched Xiaomi Mi 11 phone. In fact, the display gets the highest rating possible in the deep assessment for the DM ranking system.

DisplayMate is a well-known industry-standard when it comes to optimizing, testing, and evaluating the different types of display technologies for smartphones and monitors. According to them, Xiaomi’s latest and greatest phone delivers “consistent display performance” for its 6.81-inch WQHD (3200×1440 resolution) AMOLED display.

The Snapdragon 888 powered phone gets an amazing green rating for all the DisplayMate Lab tests that assess the performance and accuracy across all categories. Mi 11 has a near-perfect calibration for the sRGB or DCI-P3 models which speaks volumes about the display technology used.

DisplayMate reckons that the Xiaomi Mi 11 has a textbook perfect calibration accuracy matching that of the best phone displays that have been seen so far by the authority. The high refresh rate of 120Hz is also perfectly calibrated for a smooth user experience in daily use, giving it another advantage over the competition.

The 4K resolution of the device won’t seem much different to the normal user, but in fact it has a superior technology that promises accurate color reproduction in all case scenarios. This Xiaomi flagship for 2021 has also managed to make it to the top of five of the DxOMark camera rating – giving us a fair idea of what the phone is going to offer for buyers.


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