Xiaomi is not just a smartphone and device maker as they have also been creating apps to support their various devices. The latest one that they have released is a browser that should work well with their low and mid-range phones, of which they have a lot. The Mint Browser is being pushed as an alternative for devices that don’t have a lot of storage and memory as it is just a 10MB app but can still bring “breakneck speed, privacy, and security in a single tiny package.”

The main market of the Mint Browser are the lower-end devices since it has a low memory footprint with the promise of the breakneck launch speed which some browsers can’t even bring. But it still has a lot of features that you can see on regular browsers, like tabbed browsing, incognito mode, voice search, and even a reading mode to help you read the important stuff without all the distractions. The browser also has a user-friendly design so you should be able to find what you need easily.

For now, the Mint Browser is indeed ad-free as advertised. However, as we’ve seen in other MIUI apps, they have added ads into the menu systems. So we can probably expect that they will eventually put advertisements that will also bloat the app. Or they might stick to their branding and just keep the app as it is, lightweight and functional. But just to be sure, take advantage of the app while it’s still ad-free so you can enjoy using it on your device, if it’s a light browser that you actually need.

You can download the Mint Browser from the Google Play Store for free. Let us know how it goes for you.