There is no official announcement from the Chinese company yet, but if you go to the Wireless Power Consortium page, you will see Xiaomi listed as one of the members. This may mean that they are planning to release a smartphone that will have Qi wireless charging support, which may very well be the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7. As wireless charging slowly gains popularity, the addition of more OEMs that support it is a sign of good things to come for that market.

The consortium has been around since 2008 and its goal is to promote the adoption of the Qi wireless charging technology. It has gained momentum in the past few years, with most major OEMs like Samsung and Lg making it a part of their flagship devices. If you’re releasing a high-end device, then Qi wireless charging support is a must have. Apple has been the last multi billion dollar company to join earlier this year.

Though there is no word from Xiaomi yet about this, having them join the consortium is not so far-fetched. This was one of the few complaints about their flagship phones, so the upcoming Mi 7 is probably the first that will finally have wireless charging, making it easier for users to power up when they’re at cafes, airports, and even maybe using their IKEA furniture as well.

Devices that have metal backs are still not able to utilize this charging platform, but Qualcomm has been saying for a couple of years now that they have tech that will work on metal phones, so let’s see if they eventually come through.

VIA: GSM Arena