The foldable phone era is about to start. Well, we’d like to think it has begun ever since FlexPai was announced by Royole as the first ever foldable phone ready for commercial release last year. We noted how the foldable category just got real. Samsung has been working on the foldable display technology but hasn’t really been successful. This 2019, we are anticipating real, working foldable smartphones not only from Samsung but also Huawei, OPPO, LG, Motorola, and of course, Xiaomi.

No doubt Xiaomi has been working on a foldable phone. We’ve only mentioned it once but the first time, we see a Xiaomi foldable phone prototype being demoed in a cryptic video.

That foldable phone looked real and we can see it once again in a new video that surfaced on Weibo. It is the Xiaomi Foldable Phone.

How do we know it is real? The new demo video stars the Xiaomi President himself–Lin Bin. Watch the video below:

This one looks legit. There really is a Xiaomi Foldable Phone although we’re told it is only a prototype. Prototype or not, we’re happy to know Xiaomi is this close to rolling out a foldable phone that seems to be different from the others we’ve seen.

The outward fold mechanism is unique since most of the foldable phone designs we were shown in the past fold inwards.

Xiaomi is said to be deciding on a name. Could it be a Mi Mi Flex? How about Mi Dual Flex? We can’t say but we’re looking forward to an official announcement.

VIA: Weibo


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