So you may have noticed that there are a lot of Xiaomi devices out there. This is probably why Xiaomi is one of the most competitive smartphone brands these days, but it does create a problem for aftermarket developers. Xiaomi is pretty prompt in sending updates for their MIUI Android skin to their devices that community developers can barely catch up with the versions. It seems like every two weeks, there’s a new update. So this is where this new tool comes in.

The Xiaomi Firmware Updater tool gives hope for community developers who develop custom ROMs for Xiaomi devices. It also helps people who are using custom ROMs for their Xiaomi devices but would like to flash the latest firmware updates. The Xiaomi Firmware Updater tool automatically downloads the Global/Chinese and Stable/Developer versions of official MIUI ROMs when they become available. Then it extracts the firmware and generates a flashable ZIP file, which is then automatically uploaded to two servers the developer set up for the purpose.

If you’re using a Xiaomi device with a custom ROM, and you want to update the firmware of your device, you can just download the flashable ZIP file from the developer’s online server folders and flash them normally through custom recovery. Community developers can also benefit from this as they now will have access to the most latest firmware.

The downside here, if there ever was one, is that not all Xiaomi devices are supported. Check out the source link below and see if your Xiaomi device is in the list the developer provided.



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