By this time of the year, analysts, marketers and advertisers are pretty much interested in the year-end reports of brands. Xiaomi, a powerhouse in China, has been pressured to release their numbers for 2015 but for some reason, they resisted. Until now, that is. Although the numbers aren’t that exact, what they have said is that they were able to sell “over 70 million” devices last year. It’s a good number but falls short of their target of 80 million, and compared to erstwhile rival Huawei, it may not be enough to claim that they’re the top selling Android brand.

Their initial target of 100 million was already reduced to 80 million, but still they were not able to reach their projection for 2015. Aside from not giving the exact figures, they also did not want to break down their sales per region. From the 70 million devices sold, we don’t have any idea how many of those were in China alone and if they did well in emerging markets like Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

What analysts are saying now though is that Huawei has overtaken Xiaomi as the former has become the first Chinese smartphone brand to have shipped more than 100 million units in just a single year. The numbers are courtesy of an impressive 44% shipment growth, and in this increasingly crowded Android market, that is indeed a good number. But Xiaomi insists that they are still “the top smartphone manufacturer in China in terms of market share for the year of 2015.”

But until Xiaomi discloses exact numbers, we cannot take their word for it. And Huawei seems to be more open with theirs, disclosing even shipments to retailers. And since Xiaomi has already reached a “level of relative maturity” in terms of sales, let’s see if they have enough muscle to continue their growth in 2016.

VIA: Tech Crunch