The AirPods are probably one of the more interesting products that Apple released the past few years. At $169, it’s also not that bad for wireless earphones. But if you don’t like Apple products and if you had cheaper alternatives, you’d probably go for them. Xiaomi hasn’t shied away from creating “alternative” products and now they’re bringing you the AirDots which are way more affordable than the AirPods. At just $29, it’s a very viable alternative to purchasing a pair of Apple earphones especially if you’re using an Android device.

Features-wise, it’s pretty similar to the AirPods. It should fit snugly into your ears and you won’t have the inconvenience of wires that go around your neck or ears. You get 4 hours of listening time per charge and you can recharge it in the carrying case. It can be recharged there three times before it needs to be plugged in as well, giving you an additional 12 hours of battery life.

You can connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth 5.0. You also have basic playback and call controls through the earbud touch panels. This means you can tap on them to enable a few functions like receiving calls, pausing and playing, increasing the volume, etc. Each earbud also has a 7.2mm dynamic driver to bring you quality sound. They only weigh 4.2 grams so you wouldn’t worry about it being too heavy in your ears.

Of course in terms of sound quality, Apple prides itself in having some of the best ones when it comes to earphones and the AirPods of course. But if you’re okay with a slightly less quality pair of truly wireless earphones, then this would be a good alternative for you to consider.

The Xiaomi AirDots will be available for pre-order starting November 11 in China. No news yet if this will be available anywhere else in the world.

SOURCE: Xiaomi