Xiaomi 200W Wired Charging Technology

Xiaomi recently showcased its 200W Wired and 120W Wireless Fast Charging technology. The tech is available on the Mi 11 Pro. Xiaomi’s newest flagship smartphone can be charged up to 100% in eight minutes. That is the fastest we know so far. If that’s not enough, know that it can also be charged wirelessly to full within 15 minutes. It’s the first ever mobile device to enter the 10-minute mark for wired charging. It also breaks the record for entering the 100-watt mark for wireless charging.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro’s 200W charging solution is really very impressive. You don’t have to wait hours before you can use the smartphone without fear you’ll easily lose power. Even if battery gets low, you only need under ten minutes to get it fully charged.

That is a very good development alright but there is a downside. Battery capacity will drain at a faster rate. Batteries degrade over time but with this super fast development, we can expect battery will degrade even faster.

Usually, two years of almost everyday charging will lower the battery capacity up to 80% within two years. As for Xiaomi, the company said 800 charging-discharging cycles at 200W will degrade the battery to 80%. That should happen in over two years which we think is normal for everyday charging.

120W to 200W charging solutions are not really normal. Only a few phones come with such advanced technology. It’s something we believe is important but maybe not really needed all the time. Xiaomi has just proven though it can really improve on things.


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