There may be livestreaming apps like Periscope (still not on Android) and Meerkat (now on Android beta) now available to showcase live events, but what if you just wanted a select group of people to be able to view this live video? If you’re a Comcast subscriber, there is now an app that will let you do so, for your loved ones to be able to see what’s going on at a birthday party, a family dinner, even a wedding, even when they’re far away.

Well, the only caveat to that is that you can only stream this if you and the recipient are both Comcast Xfinity Triple Play customers and if you both have X1 DVR capable set-top boxes. If you’ve met both requirements, then you can download the app and stream your live events onto the TV screens of your loved ones so they won’t miss out on important, interesting, and even funny events that are happening live. The app is using the WebRTC open Internet standard that is used for real-time communication over web browsers.

After you’ve downloaded the Xfinity Share app, just open it and click on the Stream Live button, and then accept the notification that comes out on the TV. You would need to have WiFi or 4G/LTE data connection to be able to stream and receive the video. A new feature that has been added is that you will now be able to do mobile to mobile live streaming, as long as you are both subscribers as indicated previously.

Xfinity Share is of course free to download from the Google Play Store. You would also need to use your Comcast ID or email address and password to verify that you are indeed a subscriber.

SOURCE: Comcast