The folks over at XDA Developers are hard at work bringing you XDANROID, a multi-device port dedicated to getting Android running on your favorite HTC devices, and they’ve got an update for ye. This update shows work done on issues with layout, functionality, the light sensor that brings you the automatic brightness adjustment, and more. Take a peek at the whole change log to see if your favorite grievance has been addressed.

Oh you XDA heros, you’re so vigilant. The following items have been addressed in this newest update of XDANDROID: Talk.apk is no longer missing, buttons are no longer cut off in the open call menu, and OpenWnn IME is no longer selected by default. Google Apps have been updated to 20101020.1, the whole system has been transitioned to hdpi graphics and fonts, and the ambient light sensor and hardware auto brightness for RAPH and RHOD have been fixed. Debug output for battery service emergency shutdowns has been addressed, and data is no longer roaming off by default, (this can be dangerous for international users.) Also included is armv6j instruction support from cyanogenmod.

Take a look at the whole thread for this post over at XDA Developers. As always, please use caution and act on your own time and risk, as none of this is sanctioned by the superpowers that be. That said, have fun.

[Via XDA Developers]