xda premium app now free

XDA is always one of our go-to websites for all things Android. Whenever a particular Android app is missing, you can expect to find a link or an actually copy from fellow XDA members. Just in case you don’t know, an XDA Premium app is available for Android and it’s now FREE! We’re talking about the XDA app that offers quick access to XDA forums and the rest of the community right on mobile.

XDA’s very own app allows you to read threads, reply to comments, and connect with other members and developers. If you’ve been using the free XDA app for the longest time, you can now use the premium features at no extra cost. It may be free now but don’t worry, you won’t see any ads, at least, that’s what we’re expecting.

We’re not sure why the sudden change from Premium at $1.69 to ‘free’ but regular XDA users will see this as good news. The app isn’t exactly perfect and is not updated regularly but it works if you want easy access to XDA website and the forums and see what’s new under the sun for the whole Android community. A lot of devs depend of their fellow geeks especially those who do various rooting, hacking, and tweaking. In XDA, you’re part of a community whose members are generous enough to share their knowledge.

Download XDA Premium from the Google Play Store

VIA: Reddit


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