Microsoft Xbox Touch Controls

More updates are coming to the Xbox ecosystem. Just last month, the Xbox Beta app for Android was updated with remote play plus loads of features gamers would love. There was also the Microsoft xCloud offering over 150 Xbox games for mobile gamers. More Xbox Project xCloud controllers are now up for purchase. Even Nacon MG-X controllers are ready for Xbox games on Android phones. The Xbox team has made another improvement as Xbox touch controls on mobile are coming to more games. This means avid gamers have more ways to play.

With Xbox touch controls, gamers can unlock new ways to enjoy a game. Ten more titles are available with the said touch controls beginning today. You can see them in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Xbox team really is serious about making cloud gaming a one-of-a-kind experience. The future of gaming is now but we believe more improvements can be made. The touch controls on more games are from the feedback of gamers who want to enjoy more titles.

No need for controllers as the touch controls are enough. Cloud gaming with touch controls? Mobile gaming has definitely come a long way. The Xbox devs teamed up with game designers and players to come up with a familiar experience. The collection of new titles delivers gameplay that is similar to having a physical controller.

With the help of a Touch Adaptation Kit, game developers are able to map controller buttons to touch countrols. The kit also allows them to develop native touch controls for mobile gadgets. The Xbox touch controls are now available on the following games: Dead Cells, Gucamelee! 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Hotshot Racing, Killer Instinct, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Slay The Spire, Streets of Rage 4, Tell Me Why, and UnderMine.

As each game is played, you may notice the controls would change as you move around. Some new fighting controls may even show up when you encounter a different enemy. Some games have kept the natural controls and the flow of the game.

The developers have applied ergonomic principles to ensure gameplay can be comfortable. Customization is also allowed. More changes and enhancements are promised. More titles will get these Xbox touch controls so let’s wait and see.