The Xbox One SmartGlass app beta version has received a major update to make your television, Xbox and your gadgets all the more interactive. While some of the new features will be rolling out first in regions where the upcoming Xbox TV tuner will first come out, it still is exciting to anticipate all these new functionalities when it eventually arrives for all other regions.

With the update, you now have the capability of streaming your TV content onto your smartphone or tablet through the Xbox One app (beta version, not the regular one). So even if someone is playing a game on the TV and you want to watch a particular show at the same time, you can stream it to your tablet or phone, and even change the channel or pause and resume it. However you can only do so if you have the Xbox TV tuner, which will be rolled out to the European market first. So sorry, US residents, this feature will not work on your app yet, since you’re missing that key component.

But worry not, there are other cool features in the update. You now have the ability to record your gameplay clips onto the Smartglass app and you can post this onto your Xbox Live activity feed if you want to boast about how well you played that particular game. You need to update your Xbox One system software as well, so you can now share and post activity feed items through your app and see all your activities on your profile.

Since this particular app is still in beta version, not all features might work as smoothly as expected. But if you want to try it out, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store (not to be confused with the regular app which doesn’t let you try out the new features but is more stable)

VIA: Android Police