The good thing about owning an Xbox One AND a Windows 10 phone is that gamers are able to share their gaming screenshots to social media platforms via the Microsoft Smartglass app. But because you asked for it, Microsoft is now making that feature available on the Android version of the app (as well as on iOS). There are some initial restrictions, but it should be all good soon.

Microsoft has finally decided to bring this feature to the SmartGlass apps, coming from an overwhelming amount of votes from the Xbox Feedback website. The website usually allows ideas to be voted up or down by the community – and Microsoft gets to implement these ideas by rolling the updates. It’s a testament to the strength of this feedback process that a lot of the updates to the Xbox One console since its launch have come from this system.


The screenshot feature will now be available, albeit with some caveats. For Android users, the new feature will only be available on the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app for now. People using iOS devices will also have some sort of restriction like this. But we figure this is only initially. Pretty soon, users will be able to view, share, and save their screenshots via the app.

Good of Microsoft to finally bring this to Android, as it felt like a major oversight from them. If you own an Xbox One, better get that Smartglass beta app installed already for your next gaming session.

SOURCE: Major Nelson