Microsoft has rolled out the latest update for the Xbox Music app for Android. The update, which has arrived as version 2.0.31212 is currently sitting in the Google Play Store. While the change list is on the smaller side, this does appear to be an update that will be welcomed by more than a handful of users.

According to details coming from the “what’s new” section of the listing, Xbox Music users can expect two changes in terms of music playback. The first deals with streaming your tracks. Essentially, Microsoft has added the ability to play collections by selecting a specific genre. Of course, it is the remaining change we suspect more of the users will be happy to see.

The other item deals with offline playback. Those using the Xbox Music app on Android will now be able to make entire playlists available for offline playback. This could potentially solve issues for a few types of users. First and foremost, Xbox Music is now a viable option to use when on an airplane. Well, that is, assuming you remember to cache those playlists before taking off.

Alternatively, offline playback is a sweet option for those who regularly commute through a dead zone in terms of cellular coverage and also for those dealing with a limited amount of data. But again, while a solid option to have available, this does require a bit of pre-planning on the part of the user.

SOURCE: Google Play Store