Microsoft’s very own Xbox Music app for Android is getting a new name. Don’t be surprised if you see ‘Groove’ everywhere because the software giant has made changes to some of its apps. Aside from the music app being rebranded, Xbox Video will now be known as ‘Movies & TV’. The name ‘Groove’ may mean a lot of things but I’d like to think that it has something to do with establishing a habit or a routine. Music as a routine? Yep, Groove can help you with that.

The change in name is understandable because the group doesn’t really own the gaming console. It still is a different product or service and it’s not actually connected to Xbox. This move by Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group may leave others confused but remember, it’s just a name change. The app is still the same music app that we’ve grown to love.

The Microsoft Groove app also works on Windows Phone and Windows PC. The Android version works almost the same, allowing you to add MP3s files to a cloud storage like OneDrive so you can stream audio even when you’re on-the-go. For offline listening, you are free to download songs, albums, and playlists from OneDrive.

With Microsoft Groove, you can also be updated of what’s available whether you are offline or online. Or you can discover new songs, artists, or albums with the Music Pass. Microsoft boasts one of the biggest music libraries today and with Microsoft Groove, you can play ad-free music all the time. If you have you own songs, you can also add them to your Groove music collection and access from anywhere.

Microsoft Groove also features online radio stations so you have wider options of music to play and listen to anytime, anywhere.

Download Microsoft Groove from the Google Play Store