Just in time for Halloween and the holiday season Xbox has brought a package of games to the Game Pass on PC, Console and Android mobile devices. These games include titles from the genre of adventure games, revamped classic titles, and spooky adventures. Microsoft is going to release the titles on October 27, October 29, and some of them on November 5 and November 17. The availability between PC, console, and Android is going to depend on the individual platform for which they’ll be released, however, one can expect most of them to be there for all the platforms at some point in time.

For starters, the October 27 releases for Xbox Game Pass includes the Carto, a role-playing strategy game, which will land on PC and console. Then on October 29 Day of the Tentacle Remastered (for Console and PC) – time travel puzzle game; Five Nights at Freddy’s (for Android, Console and PC) – a mystery horror adventure title; Full Throttle Remastered (for Console and PC) – adventure game by LucasArts; Grim Fandango Remastered (for Console and PC) – popular adventure title and ScroungeBringer (for Android) – fast-paced free-moving rogue-lite platformer will arrive. On the same date, the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (for Android) and Unruly Heroes (for all three platforms) – multiplayer adventure title are going live.

Later in the next week on November 5, there are some interesting titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass. These include the Celeste (for all three platforms) – action-horror adventure game; Comanche (for PC) – action shooter title; Deep Rock Galactic (for all three platforms) – action-adventure title; Eastshade (for all three platforms) – adventure game and Knights and Bikes (for Console and PC) – multiplayer action-adventure game.

Soon thereafter, players can also get their hands on the Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition for all platforms on November 17. Also keep an eye out for titles that are leaving the platform including After Party, LEGO Star Wars III, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game, and The Red Strings Club.