If you’ve switched from playing with actual gaming consoles to mobile gaming, you still can’t escape from Xbox. No, there is no Xbox gaming app for Android, just more mobile apps that will help you with your Xbox gaming adventure. From My Xbox Live App to Xbox SmartGlass to Xbox Music, there is no escaping the Xbox community. A new one is available for more Xbox fans and it is now ready for both Android and iOS users: Xbox Events. The app is still in beta mode but we can expect the public and final release to be ready soon.

Avid Xbox gamers can check the mobile for exclusive content during special events like the upcoming E3. With the app, you can enjoy live streaming, receive updates about the Xbox world, and set a custom schedule of sessions to attend during events.

Not much information is disclosed but its arrival is just perfect because E3 is about to start. You may download Xbox Events (Beta) directly from the Google Play Store to begin.

Right in the app, you can see All Events available. Details like Date and Distance are provided. View the list alphabetically for easier searching.

You can discover a lot including Schedule at E3, Game Times, Social Stream, Maps, and Video Playlist. Access Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Official Gear Shop.

Pre- and Post-Briefing details are also available. The Schedule shows hourly details for each day. Receive reminders and notifications about the sessions you will be attending. It is highly recommended you attend a briefing or watch the live streaming.

Gearing up for a special event has never been this easy and efficient, thanks to mobile apps like the Xbox Events. The version may still be in beta but it works.

Get the app and now try during the E3. It will also be useful during the next events like Gamescom and X0.