Wyze Watch

Wyze is a name more known for its smart home products. A whole ecosystem is available starting with a WyzeCam to the WyzeSense, Wyze Bulb, Wyze Plug, and the Wyze Video Doorbell. There’s also the Wyze Person Detection and the $25 Wyze Band. A new Wyze product is introduced and is now up for pre-order: the Wyze Watch. It’s a new smartwatch made of aluminum. It’s a budget device but it comes with features available on other premium watches like heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen sensor.

Wyze Watch looks a lot like an Apple Watch. It also comes with almost premium features without the high cost. It comes with blood oxygen sensor and heart rate sensor so you can keep track of your health.

The battery can last up to nine days on a single full charge. Charging the phone within 2.5 hours is enough to give it a full battery capacity.

You can choose between the leather or silicone watch straps that are also available in different colors. The $19.99 pre-order watch requires another $10 for the colored strap.

The smartwatch comes equipped with a 1.75-inch screen on the 47mm model, IP68 rating, sleep monitoring, step tracking, and menstrual cycle tracking features. It can also run some of your favorite apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail. It’s compatible with the Wyze app so you can access other devices from the wearable device over IoT.



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