Over the years we’ve seen security systems become more affordable so that anyone that can spare a few bucks will be able to set up something to protect their homes. Wyze is one of the brands that create more accessible products and it all started with the Wyze Cam a few years back that gave us the $20 security camera. Now they’re releasing another $20 product called Wyze Sense so you can have a sensor system in your house to work with your existing security cameras.

The Wyze Sense system actually includes several devices to complete your home security: two contact sensors, a motion sensor, and a Wyze Bridge. The bridge can be attached to the back of your Wyze security camera. The contact sensors can be placed on a door or window and it is meant to send you an alert when either is opened. Lastly, the motion sensor can pick up movement wherever it is placed.

While the most obvious use of this system is for security, there are also other things that you can use it for. The contact sensors can be a way to alert you that someone forgot to close a door or window. The sensor can also be used to trigger the Wyze Cam (where the bridge is attached remember) to start recording. You can also set it up to deliver a contact or motion alert to your phone.

What’s really amazing about this system is that the entire thing is just $20. You can already start pre-ordering it today and those who ordered will start receiving their systems by May 8.

VIA: SlashGear