The future of AI is bright. It may not be clear at the moment but artificial intelligence is one major technology that has a lot of potentials. Most OEMs have started to implement AI cameras and features so most camera systems today are more advanced than ever. They are smarter as they can recognize objects and scenes. One of the busiest brands today focusing on smart home products, Wyze, is getting some important updates as it starts working with

This one brings the low-power AI computer vision features to some of Wyze devices including the Wyze Cam Pan and Wyze Cam v2. Wyze and Xnor’s integration means those advanced technologies of Wyze can be more accessible and more affordable for the consumers. You can try the changes once the firmware update is implemented and brings the new AI capabilities.

Some changes will include Person Detection delivered by Xnor’s edge AI features. Such allows automatic identification of people in the field of view of a camera. For Wyze Cam users, you can also set to receive notifications for real-time alerts when a person is detected or enters the frame.

Xnor AI is set to run on-device. The idea is for AI computing to be faster even without data or internet connection. Meanwhile, Wyze’s AI can identify some clips that have people in them.

Wyze Director of Marketing Scott Wilson has this to say about the team-up: “Wyze is a company by the community and for the community. Nearly every new feature we ship is rolled out because it was asked for by our members. Improved notifications was one of those highly requested features so our team went to battle figuring out how we could deliver complex AI on a quality, but highly-accessible $20 camera. Turns out, the answer to this big problem was right down the street from us with our new partner,”