List apps are a gift from digital gods, that is, if you’re a highly-organised smartphone owner. One favourite of list makers is the simplistic but feature-packed Wunderlist. And now that the makers of this productivity app have just released the updated Wunderlist 3, you can just hear the sighs of productivity-obsessed users as they create even more lists with the app’s newest features.

One problem with the Wunderlist 2 that they released ten months ago was that the syncing between devices and platforms wasn’t always that smooth. And as we all know, digital people rarely just use one device now to do all their productivity activities so that is definitely an issue. Wunderlist 3, which they say is their biggest update yet, has solved this problem with its Real-Time Sync. Based on their demo video, the edits and changes now appear instantaneously if you’re using a smartphone, a tablet and even a desktop.

Another major feature of this new update is the introduction of Public Lists. Before, if you wanted to share a movies-to-see list or a task list with a lot of people, you need to choose which names you wanted to share it with. But for some lists like “Top 100 songs of all time” or “Places to visit in Europe”, you sometimes want to share it with everyone you know. Now you can do so with the publish button (optional of course) and share it on your social networks. You can even add to your own wunderlist those public lists that you want to save, add or collaborate on a list, and unpublish it if you want. There’s also now a Conversation and Activity Center where you can see all the comments and updates on the different lists you’ve shared.

Some Wunderlist Pro features are also now available on the free app, like sharing and collaborating on a list with friends and uploading a file for reference. But there are still limits to these features while the Pro users still get unlimited access to all of these, including unlimited collaboration. The developers promise that there will also be new Pro-only features in the near future. You can download Wunderlist 3 from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Wunderlist