Android users looking for a safe and secure cloud storage option may want to check out Wuala. This online storage service uses an encryption method where the files on your Android handset are encrypted. Then when users upload them to the cloud, not even Wuala knows what they are. Users can also use Wuala to sync across multiple platforms and computers, so files are up to date everywhere.

Wuala also stores files redundantly, so that in the case of calamity, files are still available. And like Drop Box, users can select what files can be shared by who via invitation. Pro pay options include backup, sync, going back into time to retrieve an old version of a file.

To date, Wuala has stored nearly 500 million files securely. The application is free and comes with 1GB of cloud storage included upon sign up. Additional pay storage options start at $30 for ten gigs, and goes up to 250GB for around $290 a year. Users can also contact Wuala should more storage be required.

[via AndroidGuys]


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