What more can you say about Steve Wozniak? Outspoken, frank, and usually right. This time around, Woz goes after Samsung, and even hints that Apple should stop doing — well, Apple. Though he makes some interesting arguments, his head is still in the clouds a bit.

In an interview with Wired, Woz waxes poetic on all sort of topics, but his more incendiary one came in jabbing at the company he helped found. If Woz had his way, Apple would make Android devices. Noting that people go ape for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Woz essentially said Apple should maximize on that energy and create Android products. Interesting concept, Woz.

There was also talk of Samsung, and to Woz’s mind, they don’t innovate. Speaking what many consider the truth, he said that packing more into an already bulky OS skin doesn’t constitute innovation. He then applauded Apple for resisting any added weight to iOS, a pretty pointed jab at Samsung.

Though Woz is just being Woz, he’s making a lot of sense. Samsung’s Touchwiz is needlessly bulky in many respects, and is one thing many hope to see slimmed down now that Samsung and Google are working a little closer together. As for Apple Android devices? That’s unlikely to happen. It would be interesting to see just how many Android fans actually purchase an iDevice, but we’re likely not going to see it anytime soon — if ever.