While the Wove isn’t available yet in the market, the creators aren’t shy about letting us in so we can see more details. The official announcement earlier this year piqued our attention, and now we are even more intrigued as we see how the smart bracelet may very well be the wearable of choice for those who don’t want a smartwatch on their wrists because of limited “fashion” options. It looks great, now all we have to wait for is to find out if it works great too.

Basically, the Wove has a bendable display that will wrap itself around your wrist. Think slap-bracelets from the 90s, of course only better. Not only does the folding and unfolding of the bracelet on your wrist sound fun, but what’s even better is you can choose the design of what will be on your wrist. That’s true customization for you, being able to change both the band and the background, without having to spend buying different ones every time you feel like a change.

Polyera Corporation, the power behind the Wove, said that what they want is to bring digital content into the material world” and to give people the freedom to share and wear not according to the OEM’s specifications, but whatever they want to. And because they want the input of what people really want from the upcoming platform, they’ve created a website where developers can be part of shaping the “behind-the-scenes” of this soon to be wearable.

You just need to go to the website, sign up that you want to be part of Wove 0.1, and you can use your Java SDK or Web SDK knowledge to create apps, games, and even backgrounds that will be woven (ha!) into Wove. Meanwhile, us mere mortals, will wait with bated breath.

VIA: SlashGear